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Re: My rambling thoughts on BSG after a full series run-through

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Religion was part of nuBSG from the very beginning. In the pilot episode Six explicitly tells Baltar that the Cylons are following God's plan. Baltar scoffed that Six would believe in something as primitive as religion. Later, when Head!Six first appeared, she tells Baltar she's one of God's messengers. Also in Season 1, Starbuck herself was linked to Aurora, the angel who would guide humanity to its new home. The series remained true to this philosophy throughout.

these things were there, but could have gone the route that Trek often did, where there were naturalistic(albeit far-fetched) explanations for various things. Or they could have been proven to be not there altogether. In the latter half of the series though, those themes dominate the show, and it becomes more and more literal regarding religion. By the end, it really WAS all part of "God's" plan.

It's like I said with DS9- the "prophets" were just background wormhole aliens in the first few seasons, before they began to resemble literal Bajoran gods more and more, even giving Sisko a divine birth, and fighting "fallen demons" in caves. One of the reasons I prefer early-to mid DS9 over late DS9.

Gods make poor drama for the most part-they turn mortal characters into puppets.
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