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Kerbal Space Program

Anybody else given this game a try? I played the demo before and got a few rockets into orbit, but I just bought the full version the other day and am having a blast (sometimes literally) trying out new designs for a successful Munar mission.

If you don't know what the game is, it's a sandbox space exploration game where you design your own rockets and spacecraft and try to achieve your own goals. You have to account for weight, thrust, balance, drag, structural integrity, fuel, and orbital mechanics to get your little Kerbals into space and back to planet Kerbin safely. Right now the main goal is to land safely on Kerbin's two moons, Mun and Minmus, but you can do anything you want, such as putting space stations into orbit, or building planes capable of transcontinental flights. It's still in alpha so it's a bit buggy, but they're adding features all the time, and the next update is going to add a bunch of planets to the solar system so that there's more to explore.

I performed my first attempt at a Mun landing last night with this rocket, getting prepped for a night launch.

Here's the ship after achieving orbit of Kerbin, preparing to slingshot to the Mun.

Here's my Munar lander in orbit of the Mun, with Kerbin off in the distance.

Sadly, the landing didn't go as planned and it tipped on its side, breaking off the crew capsule. Bill Kermin becomes the first Kerbin to walk on the Mun...

...but he's trapped there forever.

Unless I choose to send up a ship to rescue him at some point. I should probably practice landing the ship first though.
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