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Had they ever criticized Obama on it?
What for? He's by no means a great President, but what has he done that is so outlandishly terrible that the show needs to call him out on it?

Why is the Tea Party the lunatic fringe?
Watch the video FPAlpha posted, particularly the part from 5:15 on. It's hyperbolic, but it gets the points across.

They believe that Obama is a socialist out to turn America into a communist state when he's very much a centrist leader. They believe that 30 years of trickle-down economics that widened inequality didn't work because taxes for the rich are still too high. They believe that the budget deficit must be addressed now, while still believing that taxes must be cut at the same time. And a large number of them buy into a paranoid conspiracy theory that Obama isn't really an American. They have a very poor grasp on reality, and that's why I consider them loony.
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