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Re: Voyager Fanfics, Creations, and Favorite Videos

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This is for Alpha Flyer:

I am such a sucker.. maybe it was the song but this vid actually opened the J/P window for me. I've posted before about Janeway's type being a warm hearted handyman with intellect and while watching this BOOM I epiphanied that this is actually Tom territory. He's also.. "provocative" the very word Janeway requested for her perfect holo-man.

However I think he is ultimately too young for her. She always goes for the older men. That said get another 7 years on both of them and I can see it. The difference won't mean as much then.

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Ohhh, Teacake -- THANK YOU! :-) Yes, this is one of the all-time great J/P videos. There are a few others out there; this one stands out because it actually incorporates a spot of lizard synchronicity, however briefly.

But ya know, I disagree with you on that age difference thing. Many of us reasonably successful, strong women don't mind the younger ones, for a variety of reasons. There was a great line in a fan fic I read eons ago (can't be bothered to look it up so it's from memory, but it was by MissParkerSomething) and went like this: "Being with Mark was like slipping into a comfortable sweater with a cup of tea and your favourite book; being with Tom was like stealing a shuttlecraft and taking it for a joy ride." VROOM VROOM.

(Begs the question what being with Chakotay would have been like -- Day Five of a weeklong conference on the impact of climate change on the growth patterns of Arctic Moss in the Siberian Tundra?)
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