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Synthesis is where it gets a bit tricky. But then again, you can do the same thing - don't use any AI, don't bring it up, and just make everybody's eyes glow green. (Or handwave it off as a temporary/artistic effect.)
My problem with this is that synthesis is presented as a fundamental change in the nature of ALL organic & synthetic life, with everything able to commune with everything else. Even leaving aside the glowey eyes and circuitry patterns on *everything*, I'd call that pretty damn irreconcilable with a galaxy that has either been purged of all synthetics (though they could have made more since) or one where a big scary AI is controlling a massive fleet of dreadnoughts to keep everyone in line.

But yeah, control & destroy are much easier to be ambiguous about, but if you're going to eliminate one (or two) of the three (or four!) major possible endings then why bother trying to reconcile at all? Simpler to just pick an ending and have done with it.

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I always thought the problem at the end was going to be the destroyed mass relays, but since Bioware's made clear they're retconning Arrival regarding what happens, the way ahead seems free & clear for ME4 to me.
No retconning is required.
Yeah the only retconning was changing the relays being destroyed to the just being heavily damaged in the extended cut and all 3 ending make it sound like it probably won't be too hard to get them up and running again anyway.
The logic on that whole thing was always sketchy IMO, even after the EC. I mean what about the inactive relays? Charon, Arcturus & the Shanxi relays couldn't have been the only ones in the galaxy to fall off the network, no? There must be other corners of the galaxy effectively cut off from the larger relay network. Plus of course there's the whole thing about how it's even possible to *see* a continuous wave that travels faster than say nothing of what the hell the space magic actually *is*.
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