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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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It's Barbara Gordon as Nightwing.
Thought so, but I had my doubts. They did a good job of hiding that fact. Guess now she can't be Batgirl.

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Miller originally wanted to use Stephanie Brown but this was rejected by DC Editorial.
I wonder why they'd reject that but accept Barbara Gordon.

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You're pretty much the only person I've encountered who's read the series so far and had problems with it. I've had nearly no complaints about it. It's been outstanding.
That's surprising. The first four issues weren't as eventful as I thought they'd be and it didn't quite feel as if Smallville was taken to the next level. I'll admit that excitement and high expectations played a part in how I felt though. Can't wait to get to that season 11 thread to see what others think.

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Regarding Superman's lack of presence, keep in mind this is essentially a Superman Year One story. Of course Clark would not have the presence that the comic version does. He's earning his stripes still.
It does feel like he's missing something. Perhaps he can use a little more depth. One way to do that would be to have him accept that he's messed up a lot rather than have him trying to be "Superman" outright. John Constantine has messed up a lot and he's got presence and charisma. It's because he accepts who he is. Smallville's Clark can be like that by doing the same thing.
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