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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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Hartzilla:And these franchise would be?
Halo or Star Trek. Its not official in Trek but we had not seen anything blatantly contradicting previous Abramsverse stuf.
Halo: Reach contradicts the novel Halo: The Fall of Reach with I believe it being said somewhere that the games supersede the books and if you are referring to the comics are canon statement thats been walked back on so not on the Abramsverse and any show made in the Primeverse unlikely as it is to be made is under no obligation to follow the novels.

Plus there has only been one Abrams movie and most of the comic series have been set after it so we really won't know if its contradicted until the new film and even then the comics are being set up in a way to not step on the new movie's toes not the other way around

as for the other stuff before or during the film aka Countdown and Nero, Countdown doesn't seem to sync up with Spock Prime's recounting of the destruction of Romulus as he didn't seem to know Nero that well in the film whereas in Countdown he spent a good amount of time with him plus the comic has been declared non-canon, and Nero is pretty much ignored as its based on deleted scenes.

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