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I suppose they could try and dance around it like (from what I gather) happens in the Elder Scrolls games, but honestly I control, destroy, synthesis and refuse would be next to impossible to reconcile.
Refuse would be impossible to reconcile with anything, because the galaxy gets destroyed - but it's apparently not a "real" ending (it doesn't pop any of the achievements), so Bioware probably doesn't care about that.

Control and destroy can easily be reconciled with each other. As long as you keep the Geth out of sight, and don't meet any "helpful" Reapers, they're functionally identical.

Synthesis is where it gets a bit tricky. But then again, you can do the same thing - don't use any AI, don't bring it up, and just make everybody's eyes glow green. (Or handwave it off as a temporary/artistic effect.)

I always thought the problem at the end was going to be the destroyed mass relays, but since Bioware's made clear they're retconning Arrival regarding what happens, the way ahead seems free & clear for ME4 to me.
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