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Re: Why isn't Internet free for everyone yet?

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If the US government controls it, we can kiss our internet rights good bye the moment someone stands up and shouts "won't someone think of the children".
The problem here is that the government has the legal authority now. All that has to happen is someone says "won't someone think of the children." All your research has shown that they haven't used it to target adult pornography, not that they can't. If the government subsidized it, it would be the same (they still can, not that they would).
I understand this. What I am saying is, ISP's being corporate makes it harder for such a bill to pass. Not impossible, just more difficult.

I also warn everyone to appreciate the internet as it is now, this is the golden age my friends. When our children are our age, there won't be this kind of freedom on the web.
It's hard to say. I tend to agree with you because censorship will get easier (as proven by Iran during the Green Revolution). On the other hand, at least in the United States, the first amendment law is getting more favorable to free speech. I suspect that cases regarding indecency will eventually be overturned and it'll become even harder to enforce obscenity laws.
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