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Re: Title Possibly Revealed?

It seems many of you still haven't understood the point made many times by the writers that the whole problem with the colon thing was that it indicated (as in many other franchises too) that this is "Star Trek: Yet Another One". How many times have we seen something like "Underworld: Apocalypse" or "Resident Evil: Retribution" (I'm making these up, because they're all so interchangeable)?

Problem with Trek (vis-a-vis the Batman/Dark Knight title issue) is that Trek has no instantly memorable alternate moniker that hasn't been used: Enterprise was an (unpopular) TV show. The Final Frontier was an (unpopular) film. And the other ideas floating around, To Boldly Go? Generic. Where No Man Has Gone Before? Maybe, but not if the movie does indeed feature Gary Mitchell, don't you think?

Star Trek Into Darkness I like as a middle ground. Somewhat forced, yes. But since trek is a rough synonym of journey and there is such an expression as "journey into darkness", why not?
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