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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Yeah, I hated A Human Reaction (it was discussed on whatever page of this thread where I first talked about it). I couldn't stand the episode, and I'd say it was definately the worst episode of the season to me, with Jeremiah Crichton a close second.

I might start Farscape season 2 soon, although I may wait until finishing Babylon 5 season 1. I've decided to watch all of Farscape Season 2 except "Taking the stone". An episode focusing on a character I really dislike is bad enough, but it seems like even people who like her hate the episode, for the most part, so its definately getting skipped. Whenever I start it will probably be like last season, no rush and maybe only an episode every few days, depending on my mood.
I'm still in utter disbelief of this! Not only is AHR a fan-favorite but it was the first episode that I absolutely thought was epic. To this day I still love rewatching that episode ... even out of context with the rest of Farscape.
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