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Re: Why isn't Internet free for everyone yet?

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And they all nod their heads up and down for yes and side-to-side for no. Purely random chance. Purely.
Not all humans do this, even if it's common in the majority of countries. Bulgarians do a short nod up for "no", and a sort of head wobble for yes.

In many parts of the Indian subcontinent a side-to-side head "bobble" is a sort of indeterminate "yes/no/maybe".
Very interesting. I guess that exception sort of "proves the rule" because they have to make videos to explain it.
Just because someone makes a video about it to explain it is a silly, specious argument. The population of the Indian subcontinent is 16% of the world total, so even assuming not everyone there does it, we're still talking maybe 1 in 10 humans who don't do exactly the same head gestures you consider universal.
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