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Re: Envisioning the world of 2100

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In what way are the poor better off than 100 years ago?
Running water/plumbing/sewage
The easy availability of food
Air Conditioning
Public transportation
Low Income Housing
All of which were available 100 years ago. We weren't exactly living in grass huts in 1912, and neither were the poor.
Add a additional fifteen to twenty years of life expectancy, and a much lower infant mortality rate, compared to 1912.

A hamburger is still a hamburger
Except it isn't, quality and safety of food for the urban poor is much better than a century ago.

but a man who makes $14,000 a year isn't going to do very well in a country where a bachelor's apartment costs $15,000
When I was making about $14,000 a year, I shared a "bachelor" apartment that cost $10,500 a year plus utlities with three other people. My share was $300 per month.

What kind of absolute fool makes $14,000 a year and personally spends $15,000 on housing?

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