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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

The Ambassador - free admission
Lawless - free admission
Punisher: War Zone - DVD
Trouble with the Curve - free screenin'
Deja Vu - DVD
Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai 3D - free admission
Compliance - free admission
Red Hook Summer - free admission

Went back up to Drafthouse South Lamar after my shift tonight, and took in two movies that they're showin'.

First off, Compliance...based on the news stories from a few years ago, where crank calls were made to fast food restaurants & the caller, claimin' to be a police officer investigatin' a theft by the employee, got the manager to strip & humiliate the employee. This film goes further than anything that may have really happened, I hope...and when someone with some sense finally speaks up in a way that someone should have sooner, folks in the audience actually yelled out, "Finally!!!"

Followed that up with the new movie from Spike Lee, Red Hook Summer. And its actually only the second movie from Spike Lee I've gone to see in a theater, after Inside Man. This one is about a widowed mother who sends her teenage son to spend the summer away from Atlanta, and in Red Hook, a NYC housin' project where her bible-thumpin' father, a widower, lives.

A revelation about the father is revealed late in the movie, and its suggested that the mother may have known about it, and it makes the whole movie kinda fall apart...the boy shouldn't have been sent up there in the first place, really.

May go see The Words tomorrow before work...
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