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Re: is star trek DS9 best star trek series

Deep Space Nine is a different series and will be divisive because of that. Most people are star trek fans either because of TOS or TNG. Deep Space Nine deviates very much from the formula each of those two shows had.

I find Deep Space Nine easiest to love because the characters are so real and grow over time unlike either of those other shows. It is frustrating to watch TNG and see people constantly stand in place with regards to relationships and character flaws.

Deep Space Nine has it where everyone is constantly changing and growing which makes it a much better watching experience for some people.

I do agree that the Bajoran element was always annoying to me and a reason the show never caught on with me. DS9 was stuck in TNG's shadow its first 2 years and did too many things just to be different or strike itself out on its own from TNG. Having Bajorans on so that there could be conflict between characters seems a little silly today especially given the fact that Bajorans are a pretty boring people.

But Deep Space Nine at its best, with its continuous plot, character development and nuanced characterizations was better (IMO) than anything Star trek has offered before or since.
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