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Re: Title Possibly Revealed?

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And Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was perfect.
It's a show called Star Trek.

About a space station.

It's pretty much the most obvious example in the various colon titles where the 'Star Trek' bit was just a franchise signifier.

Not that I'm wild about the actual title either. Deep Space what, exactly? I suppose calling the show Starbase Nine just sounded lame or whatever.
Well, BABYLON 5 was already taken ... kidding, kidding. Not really trying to dredge up that old argument.

As for the new title, I kinda like it. As I said in another thread, I'd have preferred a title without STAR TREK in it. Something akin to THE DARK KNIGHT or THE MAN OF STEEL. Maybe, WHERE NO MAN ... or BOLDLY GO or THE FINAL FRONTIER.
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