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Re: I'm rewatching Merlin.

But the lady playing the troll, Sarah Parish, is gorgeous, which made this hilarious schism when she acted like a troll during meals... But then I thought about the same when she was a Spider-Lady trying to eat Doctor Who.

1x10 The Moment of Truth

Merlin goes home to Rock Ridge to fight a dashing young Starfleet Doctor. "Dashing Young" shucks... They spirit glued a dozen huge scars all over Bashir's face and the lad is producing this deep booming voice that starts off some where near his ankles and well... "It's called acccccting."

Merlni has his own journey to make because his mommy is in trouble, and he's amazed that his royal friends 9and gwen follow him in to hell and back becuse even as an idiot jester they think he's been pulling his weight during all thee adventures where it seemed like Arthur saved the day. How comforting.

morganna is abetter swordswoman than Arthur is a swordsman?

so Merlin learns that he is loved and respected, and that he''s lying to those that love and respect him and would still kill him if they knew the truth... Such internal frakking conflict.

Nice fight scene, but merlin Tornado looked tiny and weak and too much collateral damage, however there was this one stunt guy being dragged by his horse who was BOUNCING behind his ride. Which made me queasy becuae you gotta wonder how controlled that was. Bloke could be hurt bad.

I found the buddy relationship witht he local boy contrived, and I have to agree with him, that if his friends hadn't followed him, merlin could have execute the marauders single handed. Imagine a coule dozen lightning strikes on their camp while they were sleeping? But it all worked out how it did.

7 out of 10.
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