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Re: Is nuWho too complicated for newbies?

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Cant speak for the majority, but I was in the office on Monday, and a couple of the women I work with said they stopped watching "Asylum of the Daleks" as they found it confusing.

FFS the episode was not a confusing watch, I saved my review and comments for the people in the office who did watch the whole thing.
This is just for the record and by no means scientific, but a couple of possible newbies stopped watching an ep. because they thought it was too complicated. As I said this by no means official nor does such a small sampling mewan much but it did happen. I imagine they aren't the only ones since Moffat made a comment about finding Doctor Who and Sherlock too complicated.
Yabbut, if the overall numbers prove over and over again this isn't a concern, and we're going to consider this anecdotal evidence of two lost viewers, don't we also need to do a "what If" on what would've made the episode approachable for them, and if that might not please existing viewers, or if a greater number of newbies (who were told the show had a rich history it calls upon for most episodes) leave because it wasn't complicated and rich enough as it was portrayed and has been for years, because it was watered down to attract those two newbies?

Did anyone ask them what show they were looking for it to have the tone/story structure of? Or poll existing viewers and other newbie potentials about how they might feel about that direction and how it might affect their viewership?
Nobody really cares about polls or story reasons for stopping a show mid-ep. if they don't like it they'll just stop watching.

As for the ratings picture, the show overall is getting about the same ratings it got during Colin Baker's first season, make of that what you will. And while the premiere ep. set a ratings record for BBCA, I haven't seen figures for an entire season yet. Still the BBC Wales seem to need BBCA now, for all the talk of good ratings I have to wonder what would happen once that support falls away.
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