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Re: Why Is Diversity Focused Only On Race & Species?

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Ro Laren was a Starfleet officer who believed in her Bajoran faith and made a point of wearing a Bajoran earring. I didn't mention her when listing religious members of Starfleet because she was a recurring character who only featured eight episodes (which is less than Nog).
As I recall, Ro wasn't really a big believer. In "The Next Phase," the only episode that touched on her spirituality, she was aware of her people's supernatural beliefs about spirits but had always dismissed them as superstition. She also wore her earring on the "wrong" ear compared to DS9's Bajorans; only the Pah-wraith cultists wore it on the left ear as Ro did. The post-series DS9 novels assert that she's a nonbeliever who wears the earring as a symbol of her cultural heritage. I think they said she wore it on the left ear to block vedeks from pinching it to sense her pagh. (And I wish they'd gotten around to explaining how they do that, if it actually works at all. Are Bajorans telepathic?)

So, no, Kira's religious perspective would not have been in conflict with serving as a Starfleet officer. This is kind of what secularism is about - your personal beliefs are your own, you have the freedom to do what you want to the extent it's not harming others... but you're not going to have society mandate that you must stick to your assigned caste role, as the false Emissary insisted Kira return to in DS9's "Accession." Your identity is a choice, not an obligation.
Now, that is exactly right. "Secular" just means "not concerned with religion." That means neither compelling religion nor forbidding it.

...and if you'd rather mutilate Bajorans well that's part of why the Cardassian Union is an enemy of the Federation and not card-carrying members.
Actually, in the current book continuity, the Cardassians and Federation are solid allies. That whole almost-being-wiped-out-by-the-Dominion-and-then-helped-to-rebuild-by-the-Federation thing forced the Cardassians to rethink some things.
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