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Re: Orci says ST series talk "getting real"

The only objective standard for any of this is, does it make enough $$$ for them to want to keep making more? By that standard Trek may seem to have had a rocky road, but nearly half century later, it's still a viable moneymaker! That's impressive in such a brutal and unforgiving industry. Star Trek, I'm proud of ya!

It's had to evolve with the times and changes in both the TV and movie businesses, and will have to evolve even more to keep going, especially to get back on TV (or maybe skip TV altogether and just go streaming, that's where everything is headed anyway). I wouldn't bet against it.

Matt S wrote: View Post
As long as Rick Berman and Brandon Braga are no where to be seen, I am happy with the idea of a new show. Its been awhile, and I miss it
I am confident you will get your wish. Those who don't want Abrams & co to be involved are not likely to be so fortunate.
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