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Re: I'm rewatching Merlin.

1x09 Excalibur.

A zombie knight that cant be killed is challenging all of Uthur's knights one by one to single combat and killing them.

Surprisingly this was a good Uthur episode. he loves his son. prehaps too much when he's supposed to be looking after everyone's sons. but finally the ban on magic has become clear. A midwife used a spell that killed his wife to give him a son. that's a very personal thing to do. the night before Kennedy started the embargo against Cuba he sent all his white house aides across the ins and outs of Washington DC to gather up all or as many Cudban Cigars as they could find. Same difference.

Michelle Ryan is so dreamy.

Merlin was really keen the first time they met, you'd have to wonder how's he's sealing suppressing that ongoing attraction?

The forging of Excalibur. Superb.

Lady of the lake. fantastic.

Uthur talking to Merlin about looking after Arthur once he's dead while dressing into his armour. Terrific.

A much simpler story than last week, but hells did that dragon get pissedoff.

8 out of ten.
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