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Re: DS9's growing popularity

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Dont get me wrong Some of Voyager and ENT Was very good but they just didnt learn the lessons that the guys at ds9 did and i think that was the start of trek downfall on tv .. not necessarily the ratings
You seem to be ignoring the fact that the Trek ratings slide began with Deep Space Nine, not Voyager and Enterprise.

I'm still of the opinion there was simply too much Trek. Deep Space Nine and Voyager running at the same time along side a movie series. Pocket Books publishing two mass market paperbacks every month and comic book series running along side.

If you have too much of anything, it is no longer perceived as special. Trek went from seventy-nine episodes and four movies prior to 1987 to seven hundred episodes and ten movies by 2005. It started repeating itself over and over and over again and drove away everyone but the hardest of hard core fans.
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