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Since we saw quantum torps fired from that bulge in First Contact and in Insurrection is now a Captain's Yacht does it fire quantum torps in later movies? Or was it originally a quantum torp launcher and in Insurrection turned into only the yacht and the launcher moved?
If I recall, the torpedoes were fired from slightly above where the Yacht docks, so no.
Thanks. I also checked and it would appear that the launcher is on that dark band of the bulge. We get a good close-up of it in "First Contact". The launch tube must be very compact since the yacht occupies the space immediately behind it. So it probably is top-fed. That same launcher is fired again in "Nemesis".

One more edit: it does appear that the nacelles of the yacht in "First Contact" are shorter (or start further back) than the ones in "Insurrection" (plus the yacht lower part looks more smooth out as well.)

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The Enterprise-E also was supposed to have 24 decks, but dialog in First Contact talks about a 26th deck, and dialog in Nemesis talks about a 29th deck (where the Viceroy dies by falling down into an abyss... from the 29th deck.) The Enterprise-A was only supposed to have about 20-ish decks, yet the turbolift went up to around deck 80...

Sometimes, things are mistakes.
Or they are not mistakes at all. Why can't the E-E have 30+ decks?

As far as the E-A from "Final Frontier", it is a deliberate mistake as they took great pains to point out how poorly assembled it was. The turbolift deck markings repeat itself so it would not be unusual for it to go up to the number 80 as a result of shoddy workmanship, in-universe that is.

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