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Re: I thought Valiant was a very good episode

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I first saw this one after hearing on the tubes about how bad it was. I have to say, except for the conceit of not one of the cadets thinking "shit, this is retarded, we need to head back to Earth/Vulcan/Andor/any goddamn starbase and tell Starfleet what happened", I like the episode. A good character piece for both Nog and Jake, had the very Trek message about the dangers of arroganace, and it was cool to see the Dominion War from a non-Sisko/Defiant/DS9 perspective.

For what it's worth, my girlfriend, who mercilessly mocks most of the trek episodes she catches me watching, really liked this episode. The only other Trek she's liked were the Abrams movie and the Picard parts of "Darmok", so I'm not sure what that says.
Pics of your gf?
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