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Re: Title Possibly Revealed?

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And Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was perfect.
It's a show called Star Trek.

About a space station.

It's pretty much the most obvious example in the various colon titles where the 'Star Trek' bit was just a franchise signifier.

Not that I'm wild about the actual title either. Deep Space what, exactly? I suppose calling the show Starbase Nine just sounded lame or whatever.

It was a Cardassian made station, so of course it wasn't going to have a name that sounded like something Starfleet would come up with initially,
The Cardassian name was Terok Nor. The name Deep Space Nine was the Federation's designation as other Starfleet stations with similar names have been mentioned - including Deep Space Five, which has the same model as Regula One. I believe DS5 is the only other one that's been seen, though.
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