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Re: Another "Wonder Woman" show now in early development

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for your consideration (she apparently matches DC bio stats)
"She" who? You didn't say who that is.

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You need to stick with the origins with Wonder Woman, as with all comic to TV / Movie franchise... otherwise you might as well call it a ripoff and be done with it...

Wonder Woman was crafted from clay, and given birth by Zeus and Hera... she does not have 'parents' in the traditional sense, and was raised by Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons...
Well, actually, in the current "New 52" DC Comics continuity,

It's the nature of long-running myths and tales that they get reinvented and reinterpreted. That's not wrong. It's part of how creativity has always worked for as long as human beings have told stories. Heck, the whole Wonder Woman mythos is based on a very, very loose retelling of elements from Greek mythology, changing a wealth of detail and substance. If the comics were faithful to what mythology says about the Amazons, then Wonder Woman would've cut off (or cauterized) her right breast in adolescence -- or more likely would never have been born at all because Hercules would've killed Hippolyta thousands of years ago. So it's frankly pretty hypocritical to complain about people changing the details of Wonder Woman's story. There would be no Wonder Woman if Marston hadn't played extremely fast and loose with his source material.
So basically NOW Wonder Woman is a Demigod, much like Hercules and Percy Jackson in the Percy Jackson novels. In Percy Jackson novels, Demigods are mortal, they age, but they gain powers from their godly parent, in Wonder Woman's case those powers would include the strength of Hercules, since Zeus is the god of the sky, she might have the power of flight or she might not, I don't think she can cast lightning bolts.
The lady is Daniella van Graas, a Dutch/American model/actress.
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