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Ah Counterpoint, when Janeway possibly gets it on with a wookie. Some people despise him and some people think he's quite hot. He is not really Janeway's type, she likes the warm hearted handyman with intellect. Workforce guy. Mark. Chak in Resolutions (hey, he was building stuff). Sullivan who could tend bar and read poetry. I can't really picture Kashyyyk at a lamb birthing or putting up a back porch on Sunday afternoon. I can't picture him with dirty hands, though his hands are figuratively very dirty. Jut not the sexy kind of manly dirt.

But it's lonely in space when everyone you might like to invite back to your quarters is off limits. And there was a definite chemistry between them.. if nothing else she did enjoy the flirtation, the attention, the game. Did she sleep with him? Someone usually starts screaming and puking at this suggestion, he is a bit polarizing. I don't think she did but I think she would have if she needed to do it to save her crew. Certainly she was laying the chemistry groundwork to keep the man interested so she could spring her trap.

It's video time!!! There are a LOT of Counterpoint videos. These are my favorites.


You and Hitler oughta get together
You oughta learn to knit and wear matching sweaters
Janeway does Melbourne
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