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Re: Why Is Diversity Focused Only On Race & Species?

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Kira would definitely not fall into the "cynic" category.
Which is why I said 'varying degrees of cynicism or from other cultural perspectives', Kira is very much from column two.

If Kira were to attempt to join Starfleet, would her different cultural perspectives prevent her entry.
Kira was originally supposed to be Ro Laren, before Michelle Forbes turned down DS9. Ro Laren was a Starfleet officer who believed in her Bajoran faith and made a point of wearing a Bajoran earring. I didn't mention her when listing religious members of Starfleet because she was a recurring character who only featured eight episodes (which is less than Nog).

So, no, Kira's religious perspective would not have been in conflict with serving as a Starfleet officer. This is kind of what secularism is about - your personal beliefs are your own, you have the freedom to do what you want to the extent it's not harming others... but you're not going to have society mandate that you must stick to your assigned caste role, as the false Emissary insisted Kira return to in DS9's "Accession." Your identity is a choice, not an obligation.

Why would "MSL" be Starfleet's goal, or the Federation's?
Because that's what Starfleet and the Federation are all about. THe Federation is not just humans and aliens who are all together because... uh, why not, inertia. It's not a society where on some planets aliens tyrannically enslave others and murder them for public sport while on other planets saying the word Belgium is an offense punishable by decapitation. There are basic moral principles that the Federation holds as universal, including, you know, treating other sapient life forms with dignity and respect, and if you'd rather mutilate Bajorans well that's part of why the Cardassian Union is an enemy of the Federation and not card-carrying members.

What the Federation can have in spades is cultural diversity. Nude Betazoid weddings. Weirdly ritualistic Vulcan weddings. Organizations of humanoid aliens who volunteer for the honor of sharing their lives and their bodies with sapient slugs. There can be different perspectives on many moral questions, as Worf was so often a counterpoint to his colleagues. But if you don't have the basics - you know, the integrity of individuals, the inclusivity of people from multiple walks of life and perspectives - then this may not be working out for ya.

It's quite true that not everyone in the Federation may agree to these ideas. But if you don't find them valuable, why sign up to the Federation's all purpose arm?

Despite talk on other threads on the board, I do think the Federation Council is a democracy, but not automatically a liberal democracy.
It's something like a liberal democracy with a basically post-scarcity economy.

If Earth were to (somehow) join the Federation today, our entry would alter the Federation, because of the multi-cultural beliefs we would bring to the existing Federation vast multi-culture society. Would the Federation first say 'This is how you must change your planetary society to get in."
Earth's basically ineligible, because we don't have a single planetary government. And, yeah, there's a lot that would need to be changed if we were joining the Federation even beyond just having 'a one world government.' Take any few dozen countries with notable institutionalized human rights violations and you'd have a good idea of what kinds of things need to go.

Everyone in Starfleet embraces "MSL," really? Would Starfleet even be allowed (by law) to practice such a restrictive entry requirement?
I'm not even sure what you mean by MSL, to be honest with you. But again - short of allowing in planets who kill you for saying Belgium - I can't see the Federation being much more inclusive than it is.
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