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Re: Why the lack of personal protection?

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...I'm including all of Earth's sub-cultures here, really. No reason for other humanoids to wear clothing of that particular shape.
Form follows function. Vulcan science officers may be partial to catsuits, but their special forces people wear jackets just like everyone else. So do the Andorians, as it happens.

The main and original objection I have is to the continuation of layered clothing in any culture for the Trek 23rd century, though. It seems too low-tech, in a context where high tech would probably be passive and reliable and in every sense preferable to low tech.
Except that the high tech solution is subject to random plot devices that render it somehow useless. Imagine if your personal forcefield was designed to also provide thermal insulation in cold weather, but suddenly rendered inoperable by some sort of [tech] field on the planet surface. In that case, it's just an excuse not to wear a jacket so you can have a really bad "OMG It's freezing down here!" subplot.

More to the point: along with an extra layer of clothing comes an extra layer of POCKETS. It's easy to underestimate how much difference a few extra pockets can make.
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