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Re: Star Trek/Supergirl

Put her back where? Perhaps the Crew of the Enterprise can find a way to get her back in her proper Universe, later analysis indicates there is a continual warp field around her body, it allows her to fly at warp speeds through space or simply hover, though when not flying she walks around with a simulated mass of around 50 kg, her actual mass is greater than this, something like 50,000 metric tons, and she has the gravity field of a human sized 50,000 metric ton object, though her enertial mass is that of 50 kg unless she wants it to be greater, or is hit by bullets phasers or anything else that she was not expecting. She has something like 1,000,000 times the molecular density of a human, though her personal warp envelope hides all this. Kara can also fly through space at speeds as high as warp 9.9, she has heat vision which is like twin ray guns. One thing it the transporter doesn't work on her, she can't dematerialize so she can't be "transported".
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