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Other than the fact that they were never needed before, and were never seen again. Fighters don't seem to be in any way tactically valid in traditional space combat, which maybe explains why the Scimitar never launched any of its Scorpion class attack flyers against the Enterprise despite having dozens of them in its shuttlebay.
Your argument makes no sense. Not having seen something before is not evidence of it not existing, its simply absence of evidence.
From which its absence can be directly inferred: you would expect there be evidence of them if they were in use earlier.

It's like if you told me the ancient greeks had automobiles and jet fighters. There's no evidence that they did, and that's not the sort of thing that would have existed without leaving a trace of itself.

We never saw the space stations Deep Space 1, Deep Space 2, Deep Space 6, or Deep Space 8 on screen, but I'll bet you dollars to donuts they exist in-universe.
Yes, we can bet this because OTHER deep space stations were mentioned and it stands to reason there would be more of them. We can take a pretty good guess that space stations like Deep Space 5 existed some time in the mid to late 24th century because that is when we first hear about them.

Was there a Deep Space Two back in the 23rd century? Were the DS stations active during Kirk's time? Probably not, since we do hear a mention of someting called Deep Space Station K7" which is otherwise simply referred to as "Station K7."

We never see the Captain's Yacht on TNG, but the Enterprise-D had one.
We don't know that at all. It's referenced in the TNG manual and in backstage materials for Voyager, but neither of them are ever used. We can likewise infer their absence, because in light of all the many appearances of shuttles and auxiliary craft (TNG even features a runabout) the absence of the Captain's Yacht or Aeroshuttle is particularly conspicuous. In the case of Voyager, they actually chose to build a whole new ship rather than deploy the Aeroshuttle that was supposedly purpose built for exactly that type of mission; the simplest explanation is they don't really HAVE an aeroshuttle and that thing on the bottom of the saucer is just an oddly-shaped sensor array.

And why would the Scimitar need to launch their Scorpions against Enterprise? There would be no tactical reason to launch them.
Exactly. There is no tactical reason to launch fighters in ship to ship combat. Unless you're incredibly desperate and heavily outnumbered (which the Maquis, the Bajorans and Starfleet were when they used them).

Thus they were never needed before -- by Starfleet, at least -- and would not REALLY be needed again once the Klingons joined the fray.
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