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Re: Is nuWho too complicated for newbies?

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But people are turing off the show bacause in their eyes it's too complicated, the webisodes aren't helping matters either.
People keep saying that (We had this conversation last Series with both halves of it), but, the percentage of viewers isn't going down, in fact, BBCA viewers continue to increase. I think the Average American viewer is much more likely to think something is too complicated and be driven away then the average Brit.

Yes, Live viewership is down, for everything, because the face of Television is continuing to change to time-shifted viewing, but, the percentage of available audience isn't dropping, and ratings with time shifting included are not decreasing
Well we talking about newbies here I thought and I do think you're right about American audiences versus the British one. And I think it's hard for us to judge the effect of the recent series and it's character backstories on the newbies because we have no trouble understanding things now.
Yes, we're talking about Newbies, and with Ratings increasing over the last couple of years BBCA (And up again for the Premiere), where else could the increased audience be coming from aside from Newbies that stuck around? Remember now, this is a Series already in it's 7th season of the Revival, and, increases in viewership are not typical of shows that old
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