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Re: DS9's growing popularity

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Yeah, I largely agree. DS9 was essentially the training ground for BSG, especially when it came to the complex network of primary and secondary characters. Of course, Moore had far more freedom because the BSG franchise is nowhere near as large as Star Trek, but Moore has said that if he had to remake Star Trek, he'd still keep the tried and true staples like phasers, warp, and transporters. I feel the DS9 writers did a pretty effective job of exploring and deconstructing the Star Trek mythos while using and staying within the limits of established Star Trek rules, and that kind of analysis interests me much more than breaking franchise rules for the sake of shock value and "teh awesome."
That is it exactly, I think largely to do with the fact that rick berman was not involved in the series past season 1. And what infuriated me even more is that when voyager came long and later with ENT they stripped away the work they did with ds9 and just went back to standard trek.

Dont get me wrong Some of Voyager and ENT Was very good but they just didnt learn the lessons that the guys at ds9 did and i think that was the start of trek downfall on tv .. not necessarily the ratings
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