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Re: I'm rewatching Merlin.

1x08 the beginning of the End.

Mordred is how they used to write Murdered. A sort of prophetic name, but here is the origin of Camelot's nemesis, a tiny little innocent boy. Would you go back in time and make sure George Bush never sobered up? But seriously, what sort of idiot wanders into Camelot when it's an obvious death sentence? Chris Rock might as well open for a Klan Rally.

Merlins boots walking by themselves was just adorable.

Katie McGrath is laying it on abit thick with her concern for little sick Mordred, even though it's nice that the give her somethign to do and it sets herup for her fall from grace later on down the road.

"there's something janging"

Hilarous skit there with Merlin stealing/levitating keys to hover behind Arthur's vantage point.They can all do funny quite well, it's just when they get serioius that they run into trouble.


Even more set up.

This is indeed the beginning of the end.

Oh no, they're "really" going to kill the little boy!

A few twists and turns in this one, becuase mordred keeps getting recaptched and now a "complicated" Hogans Heroes style sting. But seriously this place gets sieged all the time yet there's this grate one horse tug away from Camelot falling?

Uthur threatens to kill his own daughter?

This asshole is runningth over with pride.

7 out of ten.
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