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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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It's been deduced that Blake is Dick,Tim and Todd's personalities and traits all rolled into one.
I think there also might be a little Terry McGinnis in there.
I think it really shows how much similarity there is in all those characters. The comics really just reinvented the character of "Robin" over the years. Without the continuity baggage it would probably be the same person, the same way others characters are reinterpreted in reboots.

In Blake I mostly see Dick and Tim. Very little, if any, of Jason. Probably because Jason had the shortest run. But there is more Dick Grayson than any of the others.

The role of Batman's younger sidekick, assistant, apprentice and potential replacement/successor is always going to evoke Robin. Because he historically is the first character to learn Batman's identity. He even predates the creation of Alfred.

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