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Size of various fleets in ENT era

How big where the various fleets (Earth, Vulcan, Andorian, Tellarite Romulan, and/or Klingon) in 2155?

I would welcome any help in determining the military power of the various nations on the eve of the Earth-Romulan War.

Here is what we know:
Vulcan 4 D'Kyr cruisers and 8 light support craft are able to conquer Andoria - or more likely, use something like surrender or we will start planetary bombardment.
Vulcan 4 D'Kyr cruisers and 8 light support craft are slightly more powerful than 1 NX starship, 4 Andorian warships and 2 Andorian cruisers.
I would expect the Andorian and Vulcan fleets to be roughly equal in power. Tellarite only 80-85%.
Vulcan, Andoria and Tellar were able to gather 128 ships, 23 of them Vulcan.
During the War, Romulans lost half of a fleet at Haakona.
The Battle of Cheron started with 81 Romulan ships and 24 Earth ships (1 NX, 3 Daedalus, the rest probably Delta/Emmette/Neptune class or ?DY-500).
Both forces experienced 50% losses, so I would equal 40 Romulan ships with 18 Earth ships.
The Romulans considered the loss of 40 ships as insignificant, although the main Coalition Forces were still out there.
In the 3rd phase a Vulcan-Andorian-Tellarite task force of some 30 ships arrived.
So with a loss of 40 ships, the Romulans still considered the battle a victory, but a loss of 80 ships forced them to agree to a ceasefire and ultimately to a peace agreement.

So what can be determined from this? Also if you know any additional facts, like something from the Mirror Universe, just post it.
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