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Re: I'm rewatching Merlin.

1x07 The Gates of Avalon.

What the hell did I say about killing strangers who act peculiar? Good lord, a father and daughter who carried staffs carved with runes and giant gems mounted on the top end? Those things just screamed magic! But no, Arthur is thinking with his balls, and no one who he wants to get his end away with could possibly be evil! ...EVERYONE that kid wants to get his end away with is evil! Point in fact: His sister. I really wonder why they steered away from that in later seasons? For the most part 'incest' has been part of most of the legends I've read or seen (I've read morte de arthur in middle English, but I didn't understand most of it, yet some how I passed the class.)

There was a cat fight with the starlets. Meh. I grew up on Dynasty, now those were cat fights!

Merlin has a worse niche than Smallville. Rack up the magic freak of the week, and knock em down. I need some secondary stories and a binding plot running in the back ground and make some damn headway on those love triangles. iut's all so thin. We're past the half way mqrk on seaon one.

Uthur has is just the worst judge of character.

Although this is the episode were Merlin gets hs magical bazooka, whch we only see maybe once more two years later. The guy gets leveled up yet the writers seem to foreddabout it thereafter.


I will never tire of seeing merlin in the stocks being pelted.


6 out of ten.
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