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Re: ST:TNG Blu-ray Episode Guide Inserts - Season 1

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^ That's a good guess. But isn't it reasonable that the extended versions of "Measure of a Man" will be located on the same disc as the regular version? Also, hasn't it been confirmed by, that "Don Berman" is actually Rob Bowman?
This. More Tribbles, More Trouble and Trials and Tribble-ations we're on the same disc as The Trouble with Tribbles on the TOS season two set.
Yeah I agree it's possible -- even more likely perhaps -- I was just wondering about what that would do to the bitrates of the episodes on disc two. With TOS-R, they had a disc entirely devoted to Tribble episodes and special features.

I suppose if the three "The Measure of a Man" episodes are all seamlessly branched together it would only add about 15 minutes of HD footage and maybe another 5 minutes of SD. But if one or both of the added cuts have significantly different editing throughout, then branching may not be feasible.

Also, I posted the image before TrekMovie clarified that "Don Berman" was, in fact, Rob Bowman. Rest assured, all the information will be correct before I post the final full-res image. I will wait until I have a good look at the inside of the S2 cover art.
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