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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Speaking of children and other liberated Borg: Mezoti and the Borg twins may not have joined the Caeliar gestalt as well. The Wysanti homeworld would be worth paying a visit for this reason.
That's an interesting idea. This is what I really like about Voyager's journey back through the Delta Quadrant with the fleet. With the Borg (presumably) gone, the Quadrant has changed, and though the species that we saw during the show's run are still there, so many of the dynamics have changed, and I feel like that gives Voyager many new things to explore.

I'd really like for Voyager reach Ocampa and see what Kes has done for her people, as well as encounter Kes again. I'm really curious to know how she was able to ward off the Kazon in the area, especially the Kazon Ogla that were residing on the surface of Ocampa in "Caretaker".

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I thought the concept of the Omega Continuum was brilliant. If the universe is expanding at a continual rate when will it stop? Will it ever stop? Those are big questions that science cannot answer, and whatever happens will likely be trillions of our years in the future, anyway.
It is fascinating, isn't it? I took a class once where we talked about this exact same topic, and whether or not our universe was expanding, contracting, or had the right balance of matter/dark matter to remain in equilibrium. Turns out that we are in an expanding universe. Though, what I really find fascinating is that our universe (to our current knowledge) is infinite; it has no finite boundaries that we have perceived. We can only see so far out into the universe, but there is more beyond that. I wonder if there is an end to the universe, but if there is, then what is beyond that? Is there anything beyond that? Can there be anything beyond that?
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