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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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1. I have no problem with looney tunes militias taking over after a societal collapse. But if Doomsday Preppers has taught me anything...why would any of the militia types accept a black dude in their ranks?
It's probably as simple as "militia" being a catch-all term for armed, organized groups attempting to establish their own control over as much territory as possible. Some of those militias may be the whackjob white supremacist-type militias that exist now, but many others - like Munroe's? - could just as easily be modeled after militias from the timeframe of the American Revolution.

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Did anyone else get a Jericho feeling from watching this? The overought family drama was clearly there....
Here's hoping Eric Kripke decides to nip that down to manageable levels as quickly as possible, rather than emulate Jericho in letting it overshadow any good stuff in the first season.
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