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Budweiser is actually very likely to still exist in 250 years. Nokia, maybe not.
As I pointed out above, the Nokia brand name is actually a few years older than the Budweiser brand name. Although I exaggerated a bit; the original company of that name was an ancestor of the modern electronics/telecommunications corporation, which was formed in 1967 by the merger of the original Nokia and two other jointly owned companies. Still, it's nearly as old as Star Trek itself, for what that's worth.

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The Nokia placement, conversely (*snicker*IROBOT*snicker*), was incredibly awkward. It came out of the blue, and they could have just as easily used an era communicator, which served as a point of inspiration for a lot of modern cell phones IN THE FIRST PLACE.
Yeah, but the communicators we've seen before are Starfleet models. How do we know that civilian communicators aren't manufactured by telecommunications/electronics companies like Nokia or Sony or whatever?

Not to mention that the Nokia communication panel was in the dashboard of a 1965 Corvette. Obviously its owner had a thing for antiques. Maybe it was actually a modern communicator but Kirk's uncle (or George Kirk, its previous owner according to a deleted scene) had it dressed up with an archaic Nokia logo for authenticity (though he got the era wrong by about 40 years).
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