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Re: Hell on Wheels Season 2 *SPOILERS*

The camp is a definitely on a slow boil---not sure where and when things will finally explode. We have the Swede, plotting away in the background as a master manipulator, the very odd love triangle, the tension with the workers and the over-present threat of attack from the Sioux. There's also the preacher's family drama and Irish brothers to be considered. There's no tight focus, so it does seem a bit chaotic, just like the camp itself. On the other hand, there's no central plot to get really invested in--like last season, where we had Bohannon's quest and his uneasy friendship with Elam, confiding with the railroad and Lily's story. Right now, we're just waiting for a bomb to go off and there are about four or five possible bombs to choose from.

It just feels like things haven't gotten really "started" yet. I'm still very interested in the show but it hasn't really the great moments that last season had---at least not yet.
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