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Re: Envisioning the world of 2100

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Are you really not aware that your first set of predictions is utterly inconsistent with the second?
How so? The first prediction is world wide, the second involves only the US. If we continue to exist as a nation things will be good, consistent with the world wide prediction.
Which is just a complicated way of saying "Everything will get better... unless it doesn't."
Actually, it sounds more like "everything does get better for everyone, but it gets WAY more better for some."

In this hypothetical future where the United States no longer exists, the future "poor" people are likely to still be better off than poor people of today, even possibly middle class people of today. Just compare today's poor people to those of 100 years ago. If you had a time machine, went back to 1900, and showed a poor person a picture of what being poor in the year 2000 looked like, they would jump at the chance to be poor today.
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