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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

Fucking moronic.

I really hope this blows up in their faces, in hilarious fashion, and that in 3 or 4 years, everyone realizes they blew their best chance to win a title because of an artificial innings limit. The best part is Davey Johnson claiming that the shutdown was because all of the media hoopla had gotten into Strasburg's head. Hey, guess what, Nationals? You were the fucktards who said that he'd be shut down! Therefore, you created the media circus of wondering when he'd be done!

I mean, even if you accept the premise that Strasburg was going to be capped at 160 innings (which the media reported, and the Nationals denied; Strasburg finished the season at 159 1/3 IP), the team handled it about ham-fistedly as possible, coming up with a plan under the pretense that they wouldn't be contending and never altering it for the idea that they could possibly make the playoffs. They could have sent him on vacation for a few weeks during the summer to keep his innings down, they could have pulled him earlier from low-leverage game situations to keep his innings down ... fuck, they could have sent him to the bullpen. Instead they had him pitch a ton of low-leverage innings and shut him down in September. That's ... that's just horrible organizational management.
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