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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Potentially, yes. It also has the potential of being internally inconsistent. If there are robot cops, does that mean the military has been roboticized? What about the National Guard and forest rangers and Secret Service?
We might get glimpses of the bigger picture, maybe a line of dialogue here and there, but any show has got to focus on its premise and characters. If they opt for the same proportion of worldbuilding vs characters and plot that they do in Grimm, for instance, that seems about right.

There's no reason to mistrust FOX any more than any other network when it comes to sf/f genre shows. All the networks churn through a lot of shows each year, genre or otherwise, and most fail. It'll happen again this year. That doesn't mean anyone is picking on sf/f shows.

And they'll keep churning through shows indefinitely because sf/f is a staple genre that among the networks, only CBS can afford to ignore. It's good for attracting that younger demo that advertisers want to reach.

NBC, ABC and the CW all have new sf/f shows in the mix. FOX has no new sf/f shows this fall, which surprised me. I'd expect them to add at least one for 2013-14.
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