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Re: I thought Valiant was a very good episode

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I've never hated this ep as much as others seem to. It reminds me a lot of "The First Duty."
Sure it shares certain themes with "The First Duty", but it isn't as good an episode as "The First Duty". In some respects the actions of that episode about elite cadet squads should have meant that this never happened. As it did it would appear Starfleet failed to learn the lessons of that episode.

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Wasn't Nog's commission just as "field" as those of Watters and all the rest of them? So Nog would have no more right to take command than they.

And since Watters was actually placed in command by the real captain (who then died), IIRC Watters IS the captain and can only be removed by an actual command level officer.

That being said, I agree that Red Squad was a bunch of arrogant jackasses who got themselves killed. But the Klingons probably hailed them as heroes who died in battle against superior forces...a glorious death, yes, in a way?
I might be mistaken but wasn't Nog's commission due to Starfleet needing people, and several cadets recieved their commissions early.
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