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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

In anticipation of the new series episode I watched Invasion of the Dinosaurs. Pretty enjoyable really. Interesting premise and message with the dinosaurs as more of a fun plot element rather than sole focus.

I like the first episode quite a bit with empty desolate London. Funny how anachronistic just trying to hitch a ride seems these day or a place being dead on Sundays. Pretty gory death scene there especially now in color. Thought the TRex smashing through the house was legitimately cool. People knock the dodgy effects but I would've loved them as a kid and still do in large part. Probably could've done without the extended dino clashing.

Love the Doctor here with his mugging for his mug shot, the retrotastic Whomobile looking awesome and loads ( too much? ) of Venusian martial arts. Could anyone get away with pinky rings and cloaks like Pertwee? Plus he actually saved the day in this one by reversing the polarity.
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