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Re: Create a new Trek series on character at a time...

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Name - "Czenbevida"

The first member of the Calamarain to join the Federation
I wonder if it would be like Nog from DS9, who joined Starfleet, but didn't join the Federation. If the Calamarain themselves didn't become members, select individuals could immigrate into the Federation, this would be a good way for the species to evaluate the Federation from within.

Ensign Doh-chil is of a (obviously) quasi-millipede insect species, the Walloppi were one of the first species to join the Federation after it's original creation. Their domain almost doubled the size of the Federation and because they weren't a participant in the Romulan War, they were in a position to significantly assist in rebuilding the founding worlds after the war.

Ensign Doh-chil is approximately two and a half meteres long and can "rear up" as she walks about, to work and to operate consoles (she can also curl up in a seat), the first ten limbs behind her head end in eight digit hands, the next twenty are "foot/hands" which are good for grasping and holding, but not fine work, The remainder of her many limbs terminate in clawed feet. She has six eyes two large on her face, and four more in a cluster between her eight hand limbs.

She can understand English, but requires a universal translator to be understood herself, the Walloppi communicate with clicks, hisses, whistles and soft grunts.

The Walloppi are most commonly seen in Starfleet's medical division (they are excellent multi-species surgeons), however Ensign Dol-chil is pursuing a career as a operations specialist and has been assigned as a general bridge officer.

I kind of like the idea of a Pride Parade thru the bridge

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