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Re: UT:TFV - Part II - Scorched Earths

I really enjoyed these 2 scenes. You've managed to take what might otherwise be merely "transitional" segments and add depth, excitement as well as your "patented" character development. It seems that every scene, every interaction between characters adds layers of depth to the characters' personalities. T'Ser's uncertainty and that telling pause when she needed to make her decision; Pell's reaction to learning that Donald was back; and, of course, Sandhurst's admissions/revelations with Counselor Liu all added to our insights and understanding of their respective personalities. I'm a little surprised how much I've come to look forward to the scenes between Sandhurst and Liu, and this session did not disappoint. I love the slight sense of uncertainty, and even unease, we're left with on Sandhurst's part regarding his time with the Amon. As always, very nice, and you've left me champing at the bit to see what comes next.
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