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Re: DS9's growing popularity

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What a sad image.
The legacy of oversaturation.
I always chuckle when I read something like this. Over saturation apparently only affects Trek while leaving the Law & Orders, CSIs, NCISs, and American Idol clones unaffected.
As Ryan8bit pointed out, their paths are similar to Trek. We'd have to remember that the graph covers two decades' worth of television.

But we don't even have to look that far for evidence: let's remember that the flagship Law & Order was cancelled in 2010, and a year later Criminal Intent was canned. Trial By Jury and LA lasted only one season each, and the only Law & Order on TV since last year is SVU. If anything, Trek has had more success in the spinoff department, but the decline of both franchises is no doubt oversaturation.

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What i do want to comment on is that i feel DS9 is BSG older brother. Ron Moore and the others did something with ds9 which was different then we have ever seen before . It was rough, at times it was brutal and some episodes were not at all nice to watch ( the siege of ar558 comes to mind ) but without ds9 and maybe firefly, i dont think Battlestar would have been half as good as it was.
Yeah, I largely agree. DS9 was essentially the training ground for BSG, especially when it came to the complex network of primary and secondary characters. Of course, Moore had far more freedom because the BSG franchise is nowhere near as large as Star Trek, but Moore has said that if he had to remake Star Trek, he'd still keep the tried and true staples like phasers, warp, and transporters. I feel the DS9 writers did a pretty effective job of exploring and deconstructing the Star Trek mythos while using and staying within the limits of established Star Trek rules, and that kind of analysis interests me much more than breaking franchise rules for the sake of shock value and "teh awesome."
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